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1100 h14 h24 gegelung aluminium

Julat Spesifikasi

1100 is industrial pure aluminum, aluminum content (mass fraction) is 99.00%, can not be strengthened by heat treatment. With high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, its density is small, good plasticity, through pressure processing can produce all kinds of aluminum, but low strength. Other process properties are basically the same as 1050A.


Tempat Asal:China
Nama jenama:Hengjia
Nombor model:1100
Suhu:O, H12, H22, H14, H24, H18, H26, H112
Lebar:30mm-2600 mm
Kuantiti Pesanan Minima:50KGS atau Custom
Pembungkusan Details:Pembungkusan Layak Laut Standard
Masa Penghantaran:Hari 7-15
Standard:GB/T3190-2008,GB/T3880-2006,ASTM B209,JIS H4000-2006,etc
Bekalan Keupayaan:10000 tan / bulan


Standard teknikal
Kandungan (maks)0.250.350.05-
Ciri-ciri produk

1100 aluminum strip belongs to the pure aluminum plate series, its strength is relatively low, has excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance; After anodizing, corrosion resistance can be further improved and beautiful surface can be obtained. But it cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.


Bidang aplikasi

1 .1100 is usually used for requirements of good forming processing performance, high corrosion resistance, do not need high strength, such as food and chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal products, with drawing goods spinning processing hollow hardware, welding combination keys, reflector, nameplate, etc.2.1100 aluminum strip is generally used in utensils, heat sinks, bottle caps, printing plates, building materials, heat exchanger components, and can also be used as deep stamping products. It is widely used in various fields from cookware to industrial equipment.



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